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Your Discharge

  • The time you will need to rest before leaving depends on the nature of your procedure as well as your own recovery.
  • You are not permitted to drive yourself home following discharge from the Center. You must have a responsible adult driver, 18 years or older and we request that you handle these arrangements in advance. (An exception can be made only if your doctor gives you specific, written allowance to drive home.)
  • Your companion may choose to stay in our waiting area throughout the period of your procedure, or a staff member can call them for you when you are prepared to leave.
  • We strongly recommend that you not make plans for the remainder of the day, because you should go home and rest.
  • Please follow your physician’s discharge orders. Note: Driving is prohibited for 24 hours after your procedure if anesthesia or sedation is used.
  • Driving may be prohibited for an extended period due to the nature of your procedure. This decision is up to your physician.